Applications to measure glucose and control diabetes by cell phone

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A few years ago, the FreeStyle Libre was a hit in the area of diabetes management. By just putting a small sensor on your arm and checking your blood sugar in real time through a scanner. Learn what are the apps to measure glucose and manage diabetes by cell phone.

The new system was developed by Abbott and improved with the advancement of mobile apps.


Nowadays it is possible to monitor blood glucose levels without needing to take a drop of blood from the body?

This is a new method to track the amount of glucose in a safe and simple way.

How to use the diabetes management application?

  1. Simply download FreeStyle LibreLink. It can be used on both Android and iOS devices.
  2.  Create a new account to be entered into the application.
  3. “Scan” your sensor to scan it.

Complete Glucose Information in the App

  • Complete graphs and reports;
  • Blood glucose readings anytime, whenever and wherever you decide;
  • Very easy to share via LibreView or LibreLinkUp³.

Important note: FreeStyle Libre is perfect for measuring tissue fluid glucose levels in diabetic patients (4 years and older, and also with pregnant women).


The cross-referenced information on this reference material allows diabetics to understand the value of their blood sugar. Simply place your finger on the device’s camera. Very easy and practical, isn’t it?


° Applications to train at home
° Transform photo into a drawing
° Applications to simulate haircuts

Real time blood glucose information

  • Current Blood Maintenance Information: When text-to-speech is enabled, glucose readings and trend arrows will be read aloud during the sensor scan.
  • Trend Arrow 9: Indicates if glucose is rising, falling or stable.
  • Glucose History: Stores data for up to 90 days.
  • Scoring: Add information about nutrition, insulin use, exercise, etc.


Did you like the apps mentioned in this article? In this sense, we can not always just have fun with the applications to make a person bald, age your friend in photos, or discover the face of your future child, sometimes we need to have options in our health, and control diabetes by cell phone, makes your day simpler.

To download, simply visit the Google Play Store or App Store.


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