Have you heard that you can measure your blood pressure with your cell phone? Learn about the applications for this purpose.

If you choose this option, your life will be much easier.

Especially with those people who suffer with constantly changing pressure.


However, this only became possible after approval from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS).

Due to the advancement of technology, nowadays it is easier and faster to measure your pressure.

All you have to do is press your finger on the cell phone camera for a few seconds.

After that, just wait and the result will be displayed directly in the application.

Below, we will mention some of these applications and how they work in practice.


However, it should be noted that the apps are not a substitute for follow-up with a physician.

Systolic and diastolic blood pressure: what is it?

You have probably heard these two words before.


But what can systolic and diastolic blood pressure be?

Systolic blood pressure is the highest value that appears during measurement.

It is related to the contraction movement of the heart.


Diastolic pressure is the lowest value displayed and is related to the relaxation of the heart.

The blood pressure that is considered normal is a systolic of 12 and a diastolic of 9.

Here are some applications to measure blood pressure via cell phone.

Health Monitor

The Health app is available for download only for Android system.

You can track your blood pressure using your cell phone.

If you have a Galaxy Watch Active2, you can use Helth Monitor to measure your blood pressure.

Here’s how it works: the watch analyzes the pulse wave through a built-in sensor.

It then signals the result according to the calibration and the change in blood pressure.


With this application it is also possible to monitor blood pressure.

It is available free of charge for Android and iOS (iPhone) systems.

The app looks attractive and is easy to operate.

With the help of the app, you can monitor pressure changes.

These changes are displayed in the form of graphs and statistics according to time and date.

Monitoring and recording data is easy.

You can record your systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

As well as the time you take your pulse, weight and pulse pressure.

In addition, you can manage the records and also send them by e-mail.

Blood pressure (bpresso)

The blood pressure app (bpresso) is available for Android system.

With it, you can perform blood pressure collection and analysis.

You can also monitor all related activities.

For example, heart rate, medication, exercise and weight.

In other words, you can frequently monitor your blood pressure.

In addition, you can create reminders so you don’t forget to measure your pressure.

And alerts to remind you to take necessary medication, in case you take any.

Blood pressure

Finally, we have the Blood Pressure app.

It is also available only for the Android system.

The app is designed to track your blood pressure through your cell phone.

In addition, it is able to understand high blood pressure.

With it, you will get more information about the treatment of hypertension.

Thus, you can send this information to the doctor.

All the information is stored in the database of the application.

So you can access it whenever you need it.

You can export the data as PDF files.

You can receive a notification when your pressure needs to be measured.

There are several alternatives available to monitor your blood pressure.

It is important to remember that it is very important that these applications do not replace the follow-up of medical specialists.