Blood Pressure, how to Measure Yours for Free

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Measuring your blood pressure daily is a way to control your health even when you are at home. And to make it easier we will guide you how to download the application for free.

Many people don’t even know that they have high blood pressure. Nowadays during the pandemic and even now people are avoiding leaving home to do routine tests.


This app is here to help all the people who really want to take care of their health, are you one of them?

Approved by Doctors

Currently in our country there are more than 38.1 million people who have high blood pressure.  And apps for measuring blood pressure have been in great demand to help keep track of blood pressure.

Follow the tips of applications for measuring blood pressure to facilitate your day to day and help control your blood pressure.

Do you really want to know how your health is and worry about it? So now it is much easier, you can perform some procedures from home using your cell phone.  To do this just download the application below and continue reading this post to know what to do.


1-Blood Pressure Control

The Blood Pressure Control app can help you a lot to control the blood pressure of people of various ages.

You can add the pressure data daily, and also track the weight of the hypertensive person, after all it is a very important care.

You can track your respiratory rate, heart rate, and in the same way you can still measure pulse with your camera lens.

The app is one of the best when looking for an app to measure pressure, even the oxygenation level can be measured.


As well as keeping track of your cholesterol and triglyceride tests, it can also analyze all the information in graphs.

You can export it to Excel, where you will have control and can share it with your doctor through the app or in printed form.

Available for Android devices from the Play Store.

2-Blood Pressure Tracker

About 500,000 downloads, it is one of the most wanted when the subject is high blood pressure, the Blood Pressure Tracker app will show you excellent support.

The function of the application is very similar to the others, in the same way to the annotation tools, graphics and export content.

With it you can automatically monitor blood pressure categories as well as blood pressure trends by graphs.

What’s more, you have an easy-to-access diary that can see all your notes, you can see the fluctuations and control.

When you need your control in an Excel spreadsheet, the application converts all the data by specifying dates and meters.

In addition, it shows you the summary of systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight, the maximum, minimum and what the average was.

3-Blood Pressure Diary

This application has already been downloaded by more than 1 million users, with an absurdly easy and simple interface, with some special functions.

You can very easily add extra tags for control, and specify some details, for example:

-the arm that you measured the pressure, whether it was sitting or in another position.

In this sense you can search by names that have been given to your tags.

What makes this blood pressure app different is that it is able to do your systolic, diastolic and pulse tracking just by swiping your finger.

You can monitor your blood pressure with ease, and you can record the records for medical follow-up.

The blood pressure app is free and you can access it from your Android device or your iPhone.

Remember that this app is for monitoring measurements and not for measuring blood pressure.

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