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A diabetes app can be very productive for a large number of people who have diabetes.

This is because this disease requires a lot of care by the patients, so it needs control and prevention.


It is also a disease that has become very common in the country, being the fourth leading cause of death from this disease.

Thinking about this, having an app for diabetes helps the patient in several ways and ends up making everything easier.

Registering the blood glucose levels, and also calculating the insulin doses according to the prescription issued by the doctor automatically.

The same way as Glic, which also enables a fast communication route with a specialized medical team.


How the glucose meter app works

The app works in several ways such as:

  • Mark blood glucose levels;
  •  immediately calculate insulin doses according to a doctor’s prescription;
  •  facilitates a short communication path with a specialized medical team, among other possibilities.

On the other hand, just like Glic, there are many apps that propose to help the patient with his or her health.

Thus, it is possible to use diversified applications such as:

  • meditation;
  • physical exercises
  • and even healthy food.

All in a way to facilitate the life of those who want to control diabetes and increase the quality of life, in a complementary and multidisciplinary way.


How to use the diabetes app – Glyc

Glic is a well-known diabetes app, it provides a number of features that assist in the daily life of the diabetic.

It has among its functions the recording of the glycemic levels, the calculation of the insulin dose, the number of doses needed according to the medical prescription, as well as data presented.

For these reasons, Glic is the only recommended diabetes app, which gives your patients the security to control and not forget about the care to control their diabetes.

Among the app’s functions, Glic also offers hypoglycemia alert, reminds the user to take insulin or eat to control blood glucose.

And also the app provides various automatic data as per what has been entered by the users.

Therefore, it is important to emphasize that the purpose of the app is in controlling blood glucose levels and the user’s diet, but medical monitoring needs to be maintained by the patient.

How to download and use the diabetes app

The Glic app is available on Google Play for users who have Android phones, as well as for users who use the IOS system and can be downloaded for free, taking up about 90 MB of space.

After downloading Glic, it is important to register for the first time. Remember that, at this first moment, it is necessary to enter the data according to the medical prescription.

This way, the application can automatically make the calculations according to the user’s specific situation and the information provided.

After registering, simply log in and start entering your own data. Soon after, the user needs to report his blood glucose so that the application informs him if there is any correction needed.

Next, the user can report the food he or she intends to consume, so that the application can calculate the bolus dose the user needs.

Finally, the application also presents several reports, which can be well used by the medical team that follows the user’s treatment.

Other apps to help with health

There are other apps on the market that help the user to take care of their health, such as Receitas Fitness, which is an app that has a catalog with several recipes for healthy eating with easy to find ingredients.

On the other hand, there are apps that are specific to a part of the body, such as Strech Exercises. This app helps the person to do several stretching exercises, which is important to keep the body in balance. For those who want a more relaxing activity, to rest, there are also applications that help with meditation or yoga, such as the Daily Yoga application.

Nowadays there are no more excuses for not taking care of your health, which is the most precious asset of all. Whether with the use of apps to exercise, for diabetes, or even to remember to drink the right amount of water during the day.

Using a diabetes app is an excellent aid to diabetes care and control. However, although comprehensive, these apps do not represent routine visits to a specialist.

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