How to Control Glucose by Cell Phone

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Thanks to today’s technology, diabetes management is becoming more and more convenient, isn’t it?

The applications aimed at helping control diabetes are also an excellent option to be analyzed by you and that can help you a lot.


As there are several apps available, we made a list with 5 of them that we have already tested and that you need to know.

These apps can make a difference in your treatment. Also be sure to indicate them to a diabetic friend, a good tip needs to be shared.


Glyc is a pioneering digital health app for diabetes care in Brazil and is a free app available for iOS and Android.

The app offers several features to help in the daily routine of diabetes care, such as consultation and registration of carbohydrates, insulin dose calculation, medication reminders, hypoglycemia alert, and blood glucose record.


In addition, it is important to mention that through the app it is possible to connect with the medical team in real time, through the medical chart (Brazilian Diabetes Society) and this helps a lot in case there is any precaution to be taken.

If you need help counting the carbohydrates in your body, be sure to download the “Carbohydrate Counting” app from the Brazilian Diabetes Society (SBD), which is also free and available for iOS and Android.

The app was developed by the Nutrition Department of the Brazilian Diabetes Society and also has more than 1,300 registered foods, as well as an easy counting manual from the institution.


This other free app is very relevant and can help you a lot in your treatment is Minsulin, available for Android and iOS.


Through Minsulin you can calculate the insulin dose of each meal through the carbohydrate counting technique and also share with your health care professionals information on blood glucose, insulin doses applied, the amount in grams of carbohydrates ingested by Minsulin Cloud, among others.

Insulin Calculator

Insulin Calculator is an application for type 1 diabetics that calculates insulin doses by counting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. It also tells them if they need to split their dose and indicates the best times to apply the next doses.

The application is intuitive, easy to use, free, and available for Android.


MySugr, available for iOS and Android, is another alternative application that can help you in the daily treatment of diabetes, since it counts with automated registration of glucose, weight, blood pressure, among others.

In its very attractive and motivational interface, you will find features like fast logging (meals, diet, medications, blood glucose, etc.), blood glucose graphs, estimated HbA1c, daily, weekly, and monthly medical analysis, challenges to achieve personal therapy goals, motivating feedbacks to help better manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes, bolus calculator, baseline rates for continuous insulin infusion system users, and more.

What is the optimal glucose level?

In the treatment of diabetes, the ideal is that glucose stays between 70 and 100mg/dL. Above 100mg/dL fasting or 140mg/dL two hours after meals, it is considered hyperglycemia, and below 70mg/dL, hypoglycemia.



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