Learn how to measure blood pressure with your cell phone

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The 3 best apps to measure high blood pressure


The death rate with people suffering from hypertension in Brazil is huge, so doctors have approved the use of the application, here in this article we indicate the 3 best apps to measure high blood pressure.

Thus, users can have a more rigid control in their day to day, and even more easily formulate reports for their control.


It is very important to remember that the app to measure high blood pressure does not serve to calibrate, so it is useful for daily control.

Use technology to your advantage and enjoy the use of your cell phone to monitor the control of your health, follow to the end with the tips.

1 – Blood Pressure Diary

If you are hypertensive you know that it is necessary to monitor your blood pressure on a daily basis, and the Blood Pressure Diary app has features to monitor and maintain your blood pressure.

With the app you can easily monitor your blood pressure in the same way as your pulse.


With this, you will understand that the app to measure the pressure is a truth, keeping all your information safe.

With your personal data registered, the app ensures a protection over the information, everything is stored only on your device.

Thus, the application is very practical and simple to use, you can access on your Android for free.

2 – Blood Pressure – Blood Pressure Diary

This app to measure blood pressure was created by the group of experts from Leap Fitness, and can be identified as a smart monitor.


Rated by Google Play and Apple Store as one of the most popular apps for its rating in the health and fitness category.

The blood pressure app offers convenience in tracking your pressure, making it an easy to maintain daily exercise.

With this, it has the practicality that is recording the readings, as well as receiving the intervals of the calculated measurement.

Every time you back up the information, the application keeps all your data safe.

Keep your information on your device, so you can easily access it and use it whenever you want.

In the Blood Pressure – Blood Pressure Diary app you will find articles about blood pressure, this article is prepared by specialized professionals.

It contains the necessary information about hypertension, hypotension, measurement, causes and symptoms, treatments that we can find or suggest.

3 – Blood Pressure Tracker

Blood Pressure Tracker App is known as one of the most sought after apps when looking for an app to monitor high blood pressure.

The app’s features are meant to help you in your day to day life, with annotation tools, graphs and even content export.

You will now be able to automatically calculate blood pressure categories, with the ability to view pressure reports by graphs.

In addition, you have at your disposal a practical agenda, being able to see all the notes, being able to keep track of the oscillations that there were.

Available for Android completely free of charge.

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