Glucose, a disease that few are aware of!

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For you who always need to keep an eye on your blood sugar level, you know that it is not very nice to stick your finger to know the level of sugar in your blood, right?

To make your day easier, check out what a European company brought to Brazil, at no cost and with great ease for you.


Blood glucose is a disease that many people are not aware of.

Know the application to measure glucose of the diabetic through the cell phone for free.

Today it is possible to control the level of sugar in your blood without taking this sting, by using your cell phone and downloading the application you can know the level of glucose in your body in this way it is possible to follow your test on the palm of your hand.

Frestyle Librelink app

The application Frestyle librelink is free and has the functionality to measure blood glucose by identifying it through the sensor that you place on your arm.


After reading it will provide you with all the data, and you can make notes in the app about exercise, insulin, diet, etc.

Main information provided by Frestyle Librelink

Complete graphs and reports, Sharing is possible, Fast identification anywhere and anytime

Remember: Freestyle Librelink measures glucose for people aged 4 and older, those with diabetes mellitus, and pregnant women.


Frestyle Librelink Advantages

Through the application everything became simpler besides always being able to view the level of glucose, you can share the test result with your doctor, due to the information presented have clarity thus being able to identify the details quickly.

In this way the patient will always have his smartphone at hand, which brings convenience for when unforeseen events occur, always having help through your device.

Besides everything we can say that it has economy, because the application already presents the sensor that you can not find in public service.

And that’s not all, the app has a function to notify you of whether your blood glucose level is up or down. You can adjust these types of information with the help of your doctor.

MySurg- Diabetes Diary

With Mysurg- Diabetes Diary you with find several tools that will help such as: carbohydrate tracker, Hbz1c estimation, daily, weekly, monthly reports that you can share with your doctor.

The platform performs diabetes measurement, type 1. Type 2 or gestational, aiming to facilitate your day to day life.

Diabetes: M

The Diabete M has a practical and complete look where the patient can make records about his health, besides keeping track of the sugar level, he will have food tips and precise information to have a continuous improvement and so he can share with his professional.

Diabetes Pal

Diabetes Pal provides the user with several tools such as graphs and charts, calendar and space for notes on the routine of medications and food so it is much easier and more practical to organize the goals to achieve the expected result.

The application allows you to print the document with the goals as an incentive.

Drink Water Hydro

The Drink Water Hydro app, besides helping to control your diabetes, aims to help hydration for increasing health benefits.

In order for you to receive notification about drinking water it is necessary to fill in important information such as lifestyle and climate so that the application can guide you every hour of the day about how much water you need.


The mentioned applications are free and available for download via Google play store and app store.

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