If you have lost your cell phone, been robbed, mugged, or some other unusual situation that made you not find your cell phone, we have the solution: the cell phone tracker.

Besides the moments in which we lose the device, we go through situations in which we feel insecure, like taking an uber late at night without anyone knowing.

For these and other reasons, it is more than necessary to have a way to track your cell phone or send its location to someone in a moment of danger.


So, we have brought you three apps that can track cell phones and other devices, such as tablet.

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Applications that have the function of tracking, in general, track the location of the device, activities and calls made and received.

The main functions usually found in these apps are

  • GPS location;
  • Social media access and monitoring
  • Call recording
  • Call tracking
  • Text tracking
  • Camera access
  • PC tracking
  • Tablet tracking.

Below, we present the three best apps for tracking , see:


The first application monitors the activities of one’s own cell phone or that of others, and is also capable of GPS tracking.


For the tracking to be performed, it is not necessary that the user of the app has access to the device to be tracked.

The app features several language options and the ability to track more than one device at the same time and in real time.


mySpy has its basic tracking function for free, but there is also a paid plan, the Premium package, which adds a few other different functions to the app.


This app is designed for fast tracking, especially in emergencies.

It has a location history, an option to share the location and cell phone ID, and a very accurate GPS location.


Glympse can be found for iOS, Android, and Windows systems.

Find My Device

Our last app, besides allowing the user to locate a device, also allows the user to remotely lock that device.

Some of its features are

  • Take a route to your device with Google Maps: tap the device’s location and the Maps icon;
  • Use internal maps: helping you find your device in airports, malls, and other large, busy places;
  • View your smartphone, tablet or watch on a map: by current or last known location;
  • Wipe the device or lock it: by sending a personalized message and a contact phone number on the lock screen.
  • Play a sound at maximum volume: even if the device is in silent mode;
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